The Evaluation Group (TEG) is an independent evaluation firm with more than twenty-five years of experience in evaluating large federal, state, foundation, and corporate grant programs. The TEG team has specialized knowledge in planning, implementing, and evaluating programs in education and other human service fields. The majority of our clients are school districts, schools, private non-profits, and universities. Our multidisciplinary professionals have expertise in all areas of evaluation, including research design, measurement, test and survey construction, data analysis, and reporting. Our offices are located in Columbia, SC and Atlanta, GA.


TEG follows the premises of Michael Quinn Patton to design evaluations that provide stakeholders with useful information to assist them in programmatic decision-making. To increase the utility of their evaluations, TEG strives to ensure that information gathering, data analysis, and dissemination efforts are timely, relevant, and answer the questions most important to stakeholders. Clients can count on TEG to mobilize an evaluation plan in which data is collected, analyzed, and shared throughout the life-cycle of the program in a matter of weeks — not months.


At TEG, evaluation is something we do with clients — not to them. This participatory approach encompasses every facet of evaluation, from inception to sustainability. Based on input from program stakeholders, the evaluator facilitates and directs the evaluation, working with the group to identify methods, design instruments, determine data collection protocols, and select reporting formats. Participation in the evaluation process affords clients greater ownership, increasing the likelihood that results will be used to improve the program and ultimately achieve positive outcomes.


In everything we do at TEG, we strive to uphold the utility, feasibility, propriety, and accuracy standards of the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation.


TEG has really helped with our program evaluation. They made the burden of the grant process so much easier. It really was a lifesaver having them in our corner.

- Program Director