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We welcome the opportunity to meet with potential partners to discuss grant program evaluations and other stand-alone evaluation service needs. From comprehensive evaluation programs to one-time projects, TEG offers a customized array of services tailored to your specific program, budget, and needs. To set up an exploratory call, please contact Ginny or complete the form provided.

Ginny Byrd Porter

Vice President


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Thank you for your interest in joining our team! We are currently hiring and have open positions for Grant Strategists and Evaluators, and invite you to submit a cover letter and resume for consideration. We are interested in professionals who are passionate about our purpose of Creating Opportunities to Improve Lives and are guided by our core values of Team Work, Excellence, Integrity, Positivity, Initiative, and Growth. Strong candidates will have at least five years of experience; excellent written and verbal communication skills; and strong interpersonal skills. New team members must demonstrate a deep commitment to the core beliefs of TEG and have a proven ability to work effectively on a team and with people from diverse cultural, social, and ethnic backgrounds. Click here for the Evaluator and Grant Strategist job descriptions.