The Evaluation Group

For over 35 years, The Evaluation Group (TEG) has provided DYNAMIC program evaluation Designed specifically to meet Your Needs by providing Accurate and Meaningful Information through Collaboration.

Our Approach



TEG always exceeds expectations and their level of professionalism and genuine interest in providing quality support is outstanding.

I believe the reporting process is outstanding because TEG takes the time to fully understand the program.

The attention to detail and respect shown to the program are second to none!

We have worked with TEG on several projects, and they are always responsive, timely and have a commitment to excellence that matches our own.

They go above and beyond to offer support, planning, comprehensive data analysis, and always act with utmost professionalism!

The knowledge and experience of TEG has led to a very trusting relationship.

TEG has been helpful in guiding some internal evaluation efforts. The reports are easy to read and informative.

The constant feedback from TEG and how quickly I get a response when I call or email with a question is very helpful.

What I like most about working with TEG is the friendliness of our strategist and evaluator. They welcome any questions and strive to help us in any way! We appreciate that they take the leadership on monitoring the grant and keeping up with the budget and evaluation.

This is my dream dashboard! I feel like you really listened to my feedback and incorporated it. I love it! I’m so excited!

About Us

The Evaluation Group is an independent evaluation firm with over 35 years of experience evaluating federal, state, and foundation grant programs. Our approach to evaluation is DYNAMIC: Designed specifically to meet Your Needs by providing Accurate and Meaningful Information through Collaboration, while being utilization-focused, participatory, strengths-based, grounded in systems theory, and ethical.

Our Purpose:

Creating Opportunities to Improve Lives

Our Mission:

To be the leader at helping organizations across the nation achieve their purpose through grants and evaluation.

Our Values:

Team Work, Excellence, Integrity, Positivity, Initiative, Continuous Improvement

Our Team:

Our team of highly-skilled, socially minded, full-time PhD and Master level evaluators specialize in planning, implementing, and evaluating education and human service programs.

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Giving Back:

We seek to positively impact lives through various donations and hands-on community service activities.

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