Professional Development Grants

Professional Development Grants

Professional Development for Arts Educators (PDAE), funded by the US Department of Education, is designed to enrich academic experiences by promoting arts education for students, including disadvantaged students and students with disabilities. The grant supports the implementation of high-quality model professional development programs for arts educators and other instructional staff in the areas of music, dance, drama, media arts, visual arts, and folk arts. Projects use innovative instructional methods and current knowledge from education research with emphasis on: the development, enhancement, or expansion of standards-based arts education programs and/or the integration of standards-based arts instruction with other core academic area content.


The National Professional Development (NPD) Program, funded by the US Department of Education, provides grants for eligible entities to implement professional development activities intended to improve instruction for English Learners (ELs) and assists education personnel working with ELs to meet high professional standards. Professional development activities may include both preservice and inservice activities.


The Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) grant program, funded by the US Department of Education, improves student achievement by increasing the quality of prospective and new teachers through collaborative partnerships between Institutions of Higher Education and Local Education Agencies.


Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) grant program, funded by the US Department of Education, increases the number of highly effective educators by supporting the implementation of evidence-based practices that prepare, develop, or enhance the skills of educators and serve as models to be sustained and disseminated.



TEG’s Experience with PDAE, NPD, and TQP:

  • 2022 High Point University, NC
  • 2022 University of South Carolina Beaufort, SC
  • 2021 Winthrop University, SC
  • 2019 Winthrop University, SC
  • 2018 Pfeiffer University, Montgomery County Schools, Stanly County Schools, NC
  • 2018 High Point University, NC A&T State University, Guilford County Schools, NC
  • 2017 Guilford County Schools, NC
  • 2016 Winthrop University, SC