Focus Groups

Listening to all Voices

TEG develops culturally responsive and inclusive focus group protocols and facilitates focus groups for a variety of stakeholders.

Focus Group Protocols

TEG creates customized focus group protocols that outline the purpose of the focus group, information regarding confidentiality, facilitation logistics, how the information gleaned will be used and shared, and guiding discussion questions.

Focus Group Facilitation

TEG’s evaluators are trained in the art of facilitation and ensure culturally responsive and inclusive methods are used. Evaluators make the environment safe for the participants and work to engage those in attendance. By asking the right questions and actively listening to responses, TEG is able to gather information useful to continuous program improvement. 

Focus Group Results

Focus group results are shared in a variety of formats based on partner need including: snapshots, infographics, transcriptions with identifiable information removed, presentations, and formal reports.

Click here to view a sample report of focus group results.