Group Facilitation

Hearing from Key Stakeholders

Our evaluators are trained in the art of facilitation to ensure all voices are heard and information gathered is useful and relevant.

Kick-Off Meetings

Building on the initial logic model, we meet with partners to confirm and refine the short-, mid-, and long-term outcomes as they link to program components. This provides a more granular foundation that spells out desired outcomes, and dissects the crucial pieces of the plan, including program inputs, activities, outputs, and the extent to which activities have targeted their intended audience. This initial meeting and a kick-off meeting at the start of each program year will inform the evaluation plan and ensure all stakeholders understand the evaluation plan and how it helps with continuous program improvement.  

Stakeholder Meetings

We recognize that timely, useful feedback is critical if we are to help our partners make informed decisions that ultimately improve their programs. We provide mid-year briefings and ongoing feedback to stakeholders by monitoring progress, identifying program adjustments, providing information on accountability, and encouraging positive program outcomes. We also participate in and help facilitate quarterly stakeholder meetings.

Town Hall Meetings

TEG facilitates town hall meetings to gather information from large groups of stakeholders on specific topic areas. In addition to creating the town hall protocol and facilitating the meeting, TEG analyzes the data and develops a written synopsis of the information collected and the findings.