Technical Assistance

Building Capacity for Evaluation

We place a high priority on effectively communicating evaluation results and provide training in data collection and interpretation.

How to Use Tools

TEG develops customized data collection tools and then provides training to ensure data collectors and program leadership understand how to use the tools for secure and accurate data collection. Training may include in-person, virtual, video, or instructional guides based on individual program needs.

How to Interpret Data

TEG meets with program leadership and key stakeholders to explain how the data was collected, what the data shows, and what the data means to program implementation and impact. As independent evaluators, TEG takes an unbiased approach to data interpretation and works to ensure partners understand findings. 

Communicating Results

Evaluation results are communicated in a variety of formats throughout implementation ranging from in-person briefings to snapshots or infographics to formal reporting. TEG works with our partners to disseminate findings to a broader audience and tell the unique program story.