Technical Assistance

Building Capacity for Grant Implementation

We have a separate division of Grant Strategists dedicated to helping you effectively manage grant programs while ensuring the highest standards of accountability.

Grant Implementation Support

Your Grant Strategist will facilitate an initial meeting to provide an overview of the grant program and develop presentation materials to aid the Project Director in communicating grant components with stakeholders. A customized toolkit will be given to the Project Director to include grant and project management resources such as best practices; effective processes and policies; inventory tracking tools; time and effort reporting tools; guidance for reporting; and sustainability materials. Your Grant Strategist will then meet with your team at least quarterly to review your implementation plan and discuss challenges, successes, needs, and budget planning. 

Budget Management Tools

Our Grant Strategists have extensive experience analyzing programs and fiscal management policies related to grants. We provide guidance on interpreting laws, regulations, policies, and requirements such as EDGAR, the Uniform Guidance, key financial requirements, budget issues, record keeping, and federal reporting requirements. We create customized budget management tools, review expenditures, and recommend when formal budget amendments are needed. If you are required to submit a progress report, conduct a program or financial audit, or submit written reports, your Grant Strategist will review and advise you on completing these tasks. 

Sustainability Planning Facilitation

Your Grant Strategist will work with your team on a sustainability planning process to ensure that the impact and outcomes of the valuable work initiated through your grant program do not end when funding expires. In the latter years of your program, you may begin to see that you will not be able to spend all of your funds within the approved grant period. If this occurs and is offered by the program office, we will help you prepare a No Cost Time Extension Request which allows you to use grant funds beyond the approved grant period. In the final year of the grant, your Grant Strategist will also support grant close out activities.